Hier finden alle Studierenden, die am Fachgebiet Public Relations und Technikkommunikation ihre Abschlussarbeit schreiben, relevante Informationen zu Kolloquiumsterminen sowie Guidelines zum Verfassen ihrer Abschlussarbeit. Sie erhalten den Einschreibeschlüssel nach Anmeldung Ihrer Arbeit per E-Mail.

This is the moodle space for all students who write their Master thesis at the Group for Research in Public Relations and Communication of Technology. You receive the enrolment key via e-mail after registering your thesis.

Die BOPR beginnt im Wintersemester 2021 am 14. Oktober.

Neueinschreibungen sind nicht mehr möglich (Fortsetzung im SS22).

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of strategic communication in an international environment. Course participants will look at research and practice in the fields of international strategic communication including public relations and other domains of communication. They will also explore different aspects of international media systems and issues of globalization. In this course, international public relations can be understood as „the planned and organized effort of a company, institution, or government to establish mutually beneficial relations with the publics of other nations” (Wilcox, Ault, Agee, & Cameron, 2000, p. 343) or of different cultural contexts. Departing from this definition, the course gives an overview of the state of research and theoretical debates regarding international communication and/or PR. Depending on the specific focus in the according term, the course helps students in getting to know different types of organizations in fields such as international business, international civil society (NGOs), or government. Students will look at those organizations’ strategies, structures and tools of strategic communication as well as the international environment that they are operating in. Depending on course arrangements in the specific term, students might be asked to work in cooperation with a real client on different aspects or problems of international communication.